Welcome to the EMC Circus !

Why “EMC Circus” , you may ask ?

Stories of the Circus tell of multiple rings , each with simultaneous and different kinds of entertainment. You cannot watch it all but you try. EMC is kinda like that. So much going on in IC’s and circuits and boxes and systems and the world around . How do you sort it out ? What’s a cause vs. an effect ? What is truly important vs. what’s a don’t-care. So little time , so much input overload.

To succeed with this EMC stuff you need an approach , a method, a viewpoint ; a way to sort it out and get to the bottom of things,  to get the design working smoothly and meet the triple constraint : Cheap, Fast & Good .   That’s where I come in,  applying  decades of experience looking for EMC effects and providing effective solutions .  As time goes on,  I’ll share performances from my EMC Circus experience that will inform, inspire and amuse .  Looking forward to engaging with you , to best serve your needs .  jdm

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About Jerry

Innovative EMC Engineer with over 30 years of high frequency and RF effects experience
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