Rosetta Stone : Guide to the EMC Circus

Here I’ll describe a Roadmap, Guide or Rosetta Stone to help you navigate the ongoing EMC discussions.

The Circus Big Top archetype has 3 rings . Here its the over-arching Model , Construct , Analogy or Metaphor to the EMC World. In Ring 1 are the “Noise Sources” such as radio and TV broadcasts; hear the road of the lion ? Ring 2 the “Signal Path” includes the air around us and cables ; watch the high trapeze athletes leap astoundingly and effortlessly from swing to swing. Ring 3 the “Device Affected” could be your laptop or iPod ; watch a clown get wacked with the oversized mallet.  Please note these few examples are not all-inclusive ; we’ll come back again to show you lots more. Also some devices and systems have elements of 2 or all 3 rings within. That gets pretty exciting but we can still deal with it , just keep your head. We’re confident that all EMC problems and physical pieces can be broken down and categorized into those 3 big groups .  Finally under the Big Top the person in the spotlight with the Top Hat and megaphone directs the audience’s attention to the important actions. I’m that guy , so please follow along now and do watch for the elephant droppings.

Surrounding the Big Top are the Sideshows. These small tents accommodate a single performer giving an intimate audience experience. There you can focus on a single skill like card magic or fortune-telling. It’s really up close , fun and personalized with interactions. In the EMC Circus, Sideshows deliver focused lessons; expanding and drilling down into the Big Top’s 3 rings : Source , Path and Affected.  For example, the “Path”  Sideshow will reveal your good or bad fortune , using Dr. Tom VanDoren’s crystal ball of the 4 Coupling mechanisms.

Moving on to the Midway there are games of chance & skill . Shooting at moving targets or knocking down <weighted> milk bottles. In the EMC Circus Midway we’ll entertain with examples of applying the skills and principles you learned in the Sideshows but with real-world twists & fun. You can even win gaudy prizes by playing the games over and over.  

Of course there are the Amusement Park Thrill Rides like the Ferris Wheel and Tilt-a-Whirl. We’ll be doing EMC  Demonstrations and Experiments of physical principles that will have you breathlessly hanging on to your inverted seat. The 2010 IEEE EMC Symposium featured a gaggle of such heart-pounders.

And what would the Circus be without Street Performers wandering the Midway ? Here’s a chance to interact with a Captain Jack Sparrow impersonator . Yes interpersonal skills and communications are part of the EMC craft. If you cannot convince your audience you’ve got the goods on the problem , you’ll never be able to sell the solution. So we’ll give you some perspectives and tools to be most convincing.

Refreshments !  Take a Break. Sip a cool drink and have a “so bad its good” Funnel Cake . We all need a bit of diversion during the tough job of problem solving . A brief change of venue often provides that something to get un-stuck or see the problem in a new and useful light. So here we’ll have some creativity aids and diversions but no time wasting video poker , thank-you.

So there’s a quick guide to the EMC Circus. Grab your stuff , get your season pass admission ticket (sign up on the right-hand column for your RSS Feed) and join me in the Big Top as we direct your attention to the Big 3 phenomena in the ever-moving spotlight .

Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! Step This Way . As ELP Sang ” Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends … come inside , come inside”

Copyright 2010 JDM LABS LLC , all rights reserved


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Innovative EMC Engineer with over 30 years of high frequency and RF effects experience
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