Hi again friends. Before we spotlight the 2 remaining Rings of the Big Top,  I thought it would be helpful to share another popular overview / construct. 

We already discussed SOURCES and that they come in 2 flavors : Conducted & Radiated .  That forms 1 dimension or axis of the MATRIX of EMC.

( No, this is not quite “THE MATRIX” Warscharski brothers’ movie. But alluding to a movie is a surprisingly powerful concept, as in a creative thinking mash-up tool called “Movie-Minds” from . Yes , mixing work with play & fantasy can be quite productive. But more on that in a later Sideshow .)  

Turning back to the other problem axis or dimension, we noted the physical actors fall into 2 colors :   Sources & Affected Devices. That forms the other *orthogonal* EMC MATRIX axis.

To unify this all using a popular presentation rubric:  Its a 2 by 2 MATRIX or a 4-quadrant world. Thus all EMC problem / challenge phenomena fit into one of those 4 boxes. This just one more way of getting your mind wrapped around the problem . Its not the quick and easy answer,  but it helps the thinking.  

                   ||        Source        |      Affected Device _______________________________________________

Conducted     ||             x           |               y


Radiated       ||             z           |                t

Some examples : A cell phone transmitting can be a Radiated-Source,  z . An automotive control is a Conducted-Affected Device,  y.  A CFL bulb is a Conducted-Source, x . A consumer radio is a Radiated-Affected Device,  t.

Now, yes , as we’ve previously warned , a physical device can exhibit aspects of both flavors – Radiation and Conduction *and* both colors – Source and Affected Device.  Our job as the EMC Engineer is to determine which of the quadrant behaviors  dominates the problem and Pareto rank-order the possibilities down to the most likely root cause & effect in the situation. This is the intersection Art and Science. Where Experience teams up with Analytics . Where you put on those RF-Sunglasses and *visualize* the waves traveling from Source to the Affected Device. Where like Nicoli Tesla, you see the schematic  and drawing of the machine visualizing how the electrons flow around properly  *or not* when the Source is present.

So take the Blue Pill like Neo and follow Morpheus down the (EMC) rabbit hole and see just how far it goes. Don’t be like Switch and regret not taking the Red pill so you could wake up and believe whatever the Matrix wants you to. There is no turning back now anyway. You already swallowed the Blue pill, that’s how you got here.

So relax and have a snow-cone from a midway vendor or a cookie from The Oracle . Come-on and follow me , Top Hat and Microphone into the next spotlighted Ring where we’ll amaze and dazzle you with more of The Greatest EMC Show on Earth .


About Jerry

Innovative EMC Engineer with over 30 years of high frequency and RF effects experience
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