All About EMC Consulting – Save The Date

Hello loyal followers.

Its been a while , Life sometimes gets in the way. But I want to share news of a great upcoming event in Long Beach Ca. The IEEE EMC Society annual International Symposium  August 14 thru 19 . Particularly the Friday afternoon Workshop : “EMC Consultant’s Toolkit ”  FR-PM1

Its important because many companies cannot afford a full-time / on-staff skilled EMC expert to guide or remediate their designs, especially in this economy.  Thus there is a huge opportunity for consultants to help companies on an as-needed basis. The session addresses practical tools & skills across technical , business & interpersonal domains. 

We’ve assembled a world class team with over a century of combined experience. I’m doing the intro & leadoff “Marketing Yourself” . Then Kenneth Wyatt of  covers “Practical Troubleshooting & Using Social Media” . Henry Ott of who is a pioneer of EMC consulting in the USA will spin “War Stories” which both teach & entertain.  Patrick  Andre’ of  will address”Presenting Yourself Professionally” . Then Daryl Gerke of will answer that question ” So you want to be a consultant?” . Finally all 5 of us will do a panel discussion taking questions from the audience.

So if you have questions for the panel please submit them here & we’ll make every effort to cover them. If it is very time sensitive we’ll get you the answer sooner .

So hope to see you in Long Beach  or we can dialog right now !  

I’ve been helping out a number of clients and the <generalized> case studies will appear here in the coming days & weeks.

Best Regards,  Jerry


About Jerry

Innovative EMC Engineer with over 30 years of high frequency and RF effects experience
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