Ghosts In The Machine ?

March 22, 2013 . Dothan GA .
After eating dinner , our 2012 Ford Fusion, with doors still locked,
somehow had fully opened driver and passenger door windows and tipped open the sunroof.
This was depite using the keyless entry fob to lock doors and hearing the acknowledge
“horn beep” after arming the security system !!

Do not think its an “EMC problem” ..
Could there be a keyless entry command to open the 3 (of 5) windows
yet keep doors locked ?

Then , its SYNC info-tainment system is “powered by uSoft” & uses Bluetooth .
Any known HACKS for the Bluetooth pathway in ?

Automotive buss architects claim there are no physical connections
between critical comand & control systems and auxillary or option feature buss’.
But I heard tales of buss hubs, portals & bridges for the convenience of design & development ? hummmm

** For more discussions of vehicular electronics “ghosts” see :

LinkedIn Group *EMC Experts*
“Auto Unintended Acceleration still in the news”

“Is Toyota Telling the Truth About Sudden Acceleration?”

OK I’m embarassed – its the old “read the manual” Lesson-Learned 😉
Describes the “global open” function: Hold down the unlock button for 5 seconds.
An easy to explain scenario from mashing keys in pocket or purse. Need to have dealer de-program the “feature” . Thanks to Chris Armstrong of LinkedIn “EMC Experts” for getting it. Now back to our regularly scheduled EMC stories .

Jerry at JDM LABS


About Jerry

Innovative EMC Engineer with over 30 years of high frequency and RF effects experience
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