Hello world!

Well fans , I’m starting on WordPress.com

I’ll be sharing my thoughts and observations on EMC , ElectroMagnetic Compatibility and other related important subjects over time .

So what is EMC anyway ? It is the design capability of electronic devices to not create signals and waves of sufficient strength to interfere with other devices. Conversely , an EMC compliant design will operate fully & normally in the presence of signals and waves from other devices . Other folks refer to the subject and phenomena as EMI ElectroMagneticInterference  or RFI Radio FrequencyInterference.  I prefer the positive spin word  “Compatibility” because engineers are taking action to assure all things work together.

For example , using your cell phone does not cause your MP3 player to do strange unintended operations or deliver distorted music , right ? Likewise using the MP3 player does not cause your cell phone to drop a call,  right ? Or,  your car drives & works like normal and expected when you use your cell phone , despite the presence of 50 <or more> microprocessor controlled black boxes running your car while your cell phone emits a Radio Frequency (RF)  signal linking it to the cell tower. Conversely all those car’s black boxes do not emit enough signal energy to upset your cell phone call.  

This happy harmonious world exists because EMC engineers do a good job designing and verifying performance , by testing against well-developed standards and physical principles.

A great source of EMC info is the IEEE EMC Society http://www.emcs.org/   In the Chicago area , the local chapter is www.emcchicago.org

Soon I’ll have a fact , opinion or technical tidbit to share.  Till then you can find out more about me at http://www.linkedin.com/in/jerrymeyerhoff  

Have a compatible day !   jerry

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About Jerry

Innovative EMC Engineer with over 30 years of high frequency and RF effects experience
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