JDM LABS 2013 Summary

Hello loyal fans & followers .
2013 has been a busy year for JDM LABS
As I popped into many tents along the midway I was treated to a lot of new and old situations . Here’s a brief overview of what went on.

** Corrected FCC Part 15 Radiated Emissions issues in VHF range on consumer product, used for linking Wireless acquired data to the Internet.
* FIX = Discrete Common-Mode choking / isolation of device from its connection to AC mains power source .
* Start-up company – housed in a Midwest University Industrial Park Incubator using KickStarter funding model.

** Reduced Radiated & Conducted Emissions in LW, MW & VHF ranges of in-vehicle 10 kW class AC mains battery charger.
* FIX = Extensive common-mode filtering on all I/O , plus external cable shields, plus careful routing of internal wiring to minimize coupling to near-field noise sources.
* Well established North-East power-conversion company adapting new technologies to new markets.

** Performed Design Review and bench-top analysis of “interface tool” to connect in-vehicle data busses to maintenance service tools.
* ACTION = Identified HF & VHF emissions risks & mediation approaches. Recommended PCB improvements.
* Medium sized South-East region specialty transportation electronics company, a repeat Client.

** Performed Design Review and Bench-Top Radiated Emissions analysis & mitigation identification on “manufacturing cell” using multiple VFD / Servo BLDC motor controls. Issues in the LW, MW and VHF regions affecting EU requirements.
* FIX = multiple common mode “cores” on all internal communications and power distribution cables . Ground-bond “clamps” on all external shielded motor cables.
RF gasketing of metallic enclosure seams & doors. .
* Large multinational company, headquartered in Midwest.

** Identified and reduced radiated emissions in HF & VHF regions from serial buss of battery monitor electronics for electric motor augmented personal-transportation.
* FIX = Common mode choke in serial data port .
* Small Midwest start-up, seeded by University researchers, using on-site manufacturing.

** Identified cause of Radiated Emissions in UHF region, from “Jumbo-tron”-like color LED image display. Worked on-site outdoors at a Midwest hotel.
* FIX = Firmware micro-code modification to attenuate specific signal components.
* Medium sized international company, experienced in large custom commercial LED image color displays.

** Advised methods & techniques to reduce radiated emissions in LW MW & VHF regions from portable 50+ kW class Diesel Electric generator source.
* FIX = Multiple discrete Common Mode filter elements on key circuit nodes.
* Medium sized Midwest company with a long history of locally manufactured generator-sets for transportation & military applications.

** Identified cause of UHF region RF Field immunity weakness in consumer vehicle entertainment media hub.
* FIX = PCB re-layout optimizing effectiveness of existing Common-Mode filtering elements.
* Midwest division of large multinational component & sub-assembly maker.

** Identified mitigation techniques to improve HF-VHF RF Current Immunity of off-road vehicle access control system.
* FIX = Cable Common-Mode ferrite choking.
* Medium sized Midwest company well-established in off-road vehicle support electronics.

** Identified & reduced RF emissions in LW-MW & VHF regions from switch-mode supply in LED illumination system for heavy vehicle applications.
* FIX = PCB layout optimized to minimize coupling of Differential-Mode signals into Common- Mode structures.
* Medium sized Midwest company with niche expertise in vehicle LED lighting systems.

====Recent Education Services ===
* Completed IEEE EMCS Distinguished Lecturer tour 2011-2012 . Informed & entertained & chapters in Austin & Dallas TX, San Jose CA, Madison WI, Detroit MI, Montreal & Ottawa CAN, Chicago IL.

* Developed and presented Lecture and Hands-on Laboratory on Cables & Shielding , supporting “Introduction to EMC SC071″ a 1.5 CEU continuing education course at Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT). Acting as adjunct Teaching Assistant with fellow IEEE EMC Chicago Chapter colleagues.

*Completed 3rd year of IEEE EMC Society Workshop & Tutorial on
” EMC Consultant’s ToolKit” at the Annual International EMC Symposium
in Denver Colorado. Co-presenters were Key Wyatt of Wyatt Technical
Services http://www.emc-seminars.com , Patrick Andre’ of http://www.andreconsulting.com
and Dr Tom Van Doren, of The Van Doren Company http://www.emc-education.com/.


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Innovative EMC Engineer with over 30 years of high frequency and RF effects experience
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